One thing we can all agree on is that female entrepreneurs don’t get enough press — even the successful ones.

Every successful entrepreneur started somewhere.

There’s no “magic pill” that effortlessly launches you out of your cubicle confinement and into the free world of entrepreneurship. For some, the dream to be your own boss grows for a long time, even years, before it finally comes to fruition.

The truth is, great success in business grows from just one, tiny seed.

“My path to succeed in our family run business seemed to me, a natural evolution.

“But, it wasn’t based on a great desire to build a business. Rather, it was borne out of necessity. After 5 years mastering my craft, I was still an employee and I simply had reached a ceiling of how much money I could earn in my career.

“After the initial fear and hurdles, the learning curve is so great I came very close to failure.

Instead of giving up, I started to develop a deep sense of passion for motivating and educating myself to reach greater heights in business and income. It became a challenge for me, and I don’t know any other way now.

After 5 years of constant working; I still challenge myself to create on a larger and larger scale every year.

“My desire to build, create, and learn, surpasses my fear. Every challenge I’m faced with now, becomes a greater experience of learning my true power.”

I believe in consistency, co-operation and understanding are key ingredients of any business.

People must understand that; we allocate certain budget to advertisement, speaking to customers over phone, long chatting and sharing information over internet; however people doesn’t realize this way; they couldn’t built a strong customer base; eventually will going to suppress their company and organization with next upcoming options; so it is very necessary to maintain an emotional bond with your customer, understanding their culture, work ethics etc;

And which is only possible while visiting their place of business and country and state, it will certainly give you an introspect and original weigh of your customer and their way of working;

So conservative way always works and still prevailing in today’s tech oriented time; and personal interaction is most vital part of it.

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