Priyanka Singh (popular as ‘Ms Singh’ within her peer group), is the Director of Taj Pharma Group companies, India.

She is also the founder of an Agro company “Taj Agro Products” which deals in commodity sector and Food Industry in India and abroad.
Ms Singh played a pivotal role in the decade transformation journey of the erstwhile Taj Pharmaceuticals before it became Taj Pharma Group.

An accomplished business leader with extensive experience in international healthcare business development, start-ups and turnarounds, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, Ms Singh in many ways led Taj Pharma’s transformation journey, where she contributed significantly to the company’s strategy and philosophy for MENA and Africa Region.

Her inimitable style of pharma business combined with her sharp focus on quality healthcare helped Taj Pharma to emerge as one of the leading generics and branded exporter in their respective competencies in pharmaceuticals and Agro industry.

In a very short career span, she has held several leading positions within Taj Pharma Group. An outstanding negotiator for MENA and Africa region; Ms Singh has an entrepreneurial style of management that is a “blend of enthusiasm” and “dynamism” of “cultural acceptance”. She tends to focus on people’s and market’s strengths to bring out the best in them. ‘Life- It is the underlying purpose of everything we do at Taj pharma’ is her motto and she applies it to all aspects of her life with complete passion‘.

Ms Singh was nominated by KPMG for the Entrepreneur (healthcare) of the Year Award in 2009.
Taj Agro has been awarded by Asia FMCG company award (Malaysia), IIM Ahmedabad, CII and other such respectable organisations.

She is enthusiastic about social work and keep participating in various relief program to make positive change in socio and economic condition of unprivileged people in India.

She is actively associated with Smile foundation, UNICEF, UNRWA and Nepal relief projects and keep contributing medical help and other aids as part of her corporate social responsibility.
She is also widely travelled throughout the globe.

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Priyanka Singh, Director Taj Pharma Group

A dreamer and competent business leader in Making.

Source of inspiration and reason:

Any woman who has set her mind to achieve her dreams and pursue a life that aligns with her talents, abilities and skill sets inspires me.

It can be a woman from the village who earns the bread for her household all day and comes home at night to perform all household chores with a smile or it can be an extremely powerful woman who has decided to pursue her life her way and counter all challenges that come across from family, culture, religion and society.

Any women who stands up for her life and her dreams is a source of inspiration for me.

A Road less travelled by:

I believe what I do today is also a 9-5 job. Entrepreneurship is not a profession or a career, it is an “attitude”, a spirit of creation, of experimentation, of never giving up and always being on the outlook for new opportunities.

Time has no relevance in one’s life when this burning desire of entrepreneurship exists. One can be an entrepreneur even within the 9-5 bracket or one can never have this spark for continuous growth and momentum with all the time on their hands.


Social Reforms:

In my opinion, my passion for social entrepreneurship comes from my belief that a successful business or enterprise is one that creates multiple impacts on all our concerns involved.

The “Win-Win” scenarios where there is equity and value generation for all associated with the business model. I believe without a triple bottom line approach, sustainable social enterprise cannot be created or at least will not last for the generations to follow.


Female Entrepreneur:

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Priyanka Singh Director Taj Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai

I must say, that in a male dominated industry like Healthcare, being a young woman is challenging in the beginning. The industry does not take you seriously and believes that at most your career is a “parking space” between your education and you identifying with the “perfect life partner” to live happily ever after with, specially in our Rajput community.

However, if you overcome these initial challenges and continue to strive in the face of opposition or criticism with your self-believe and confidence, the situation changes 360 degrees and being a women becomes your most important asset in the same industry.

I say this from personal experience, that when you establish your professional competence in any business sector, when you make your mark that you are a serious professional who has the talents and skill set required to lead the industry; then being a women earns you more respect and admiration in the same industry.

The one advice I will give to female entrepreneurs out there is to ensure that their self-belief and confidence is never compromised in the challenging situations they will initially face. It is like the trout fish that swims against the tide, the faster you swim against the tide and the stronger the tide; the studier you will arise from it. Being a women is your most important asset and your strength, only if you believe in it and know how to use it.


Everyday Inspiration:

I believe excellence and success is a continuous journey, there is no one destination but an evolution that keeps building on itself.

I keep asking myself questions to motivate myself to achieve more and progress in life. What changes should I bring in my life today that will make tomorrow better than today; What are my next personal and professional goals; How will I discipline myself further to enhance the quality of my life! Is the life I live in line with the potential I have within me.

The most important question I feel is, am I truly happy with my life and the way I live it day to day.

My passion, energy and zest to live life to its fullest fuels my inspiration to keep working in the direction of my goals, because I believe that a happy life is only achieved when our outer world is in sync with our inner desires.



I would not say there hasn’t been any worst experience, but certainly there have been many challenges in the development stages of our Group businesses.

It is not the challenge that makes the experience worst but our response towards it. For me, a challenge is an opportunity to increase my strength further, to overcome it. Everyday is a learning phase and I treat everyday as a new day; new hope.


Social causes:

I truly believe that education is a basic human right for all human beings.

I promote girl child education; which could benefit not just her but entire family, society and help in better social reforms and nation building. You just don’t educate a girl; but you are creating an entire generation. So, this cause is near my heart and very dear to me.

Secondly; I believe people should have access to essential medicines; specially lifesaving drugs. Every day I am working towards building a better society; it’s basic human right.

I push myself everyday towards my true potential and in my professional life I try to create similar motivating and inspiring environments for my teams and my clients and associates.


Hobby, Goals:

I try to take out time often to relax and chill out, what I do for the same is to indulge in things that unwind me for example writing my enjoying quality time with friends and family, dining out and experiencing new cuisines, watching quality cinema, gardening and re-doing the plantations in my lawns and my most favorite way to ‘relax and compose myself, travelling to new places; specially Russian countries with family and friends.

I am family loving, adventurous and joyous person who likes to be happy and spread happiness around. I like cooking as well for family and friends.

Hearing all kinds of music specially romantic songs are my favorite, Pass time.

It’s just beginning; and there is a long way to go and prove my potential.

“Every day is a new day; new hope; new opportunities knocking your doors.”

Taj Generics by Taj Pharma

A generic drug is a medication created to be the same as an existing approved brand-name drug in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, and performance characteristics.

Taj Generics is one of the leading generic pharmaceutical company in India. We hold top positions in different established markets worldwide and are building a strong presence in many emerging generics markets. Today, we market more than 500 branded and 4600 generics compositions to consumers in more than 40 countries and territories across the globe.

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