Education system needs to foster entrepreneurship

Employment: For most Bhutanese graduates and jobseekers, becoming an entrepreneur may not be an enticing career to pursue. The concept of entrepreneurship in Bhutan was realised only very recently, failing to attract more takers. While being an entrepreneur has benefits, it also has several challenges. In order to decipher the reason why Bhutanese amidst the […]

Success can’t be defined

I often thought blinking my eyes, What’s success? The materialist things I have achieved or just it’s a state of mind? No matter how far I ran so far, still I see a road ahead! Peoples choose conventional roads, I choose, the road less travelled, Success is the just the melodrama of labour, or the […]


Young girl drastically perplexed by realityUrgently escapes to a nearby sanctuary As she wanders along its clear water edgesHer tragic love story, roams freely in her mindNothing in her view, but his once tender eyesHow they effortlessly held the faithful promiseOf a delightfully secure and beautiful forever Troubling tears quickly arise in her eyesReality hastily […]