You try so hard to be someone else.
But you just have to be yourself.
Don’t let someone tell you who you are.
Your own choice can take you so far.

Sometimes you fall when you should fly.
Sometimes you laugh when you should cry.
But that’s just some things that make you.
And deep inside, you know that’s true.

So tell me who you want to be.
Spread your wings and fly so free.
You’re unique and that won’t change.
Your heart will always stay the same.

“Priyanka singh taj pharma Rajput Pride fmcg entrepreneur “! #Manikarnika

So tell me what I want to hear.
Whisper good things in my ear.
Just remember, be yourself.
Who you are, and not someone else.

Don’t be tough, but don’t be miled.
Be your own fantastic style.
If you need help, just look up high.
I know you’ll find yourself inside.

Ms. Priyanka Singh
, Business woman and budding writer


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