In this accelerating, yet retrospective hasty place,
Where nobody desires being a riff-raff but a social desirable face,

Conscience and Qualm have taken back seat,
Character plays rickety and virtues have gone astray and accepted defeat.

Rhapsody for the rigmarole of character transformation barely exists,
As the sadists and carefree get their way through turns and twists,
Satiety and complacency occupy the obstinate, self-opinionated beings,
Treading the righteous path seems all obsolete while seeing.

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Retrospecting, watching, people’s attitude, revulsion does infuriate,
And not a, almost the world appears to be in such a miserable state.

Nobody’s bothered about another, minding your own business is the best,
But everyone becomes bothersome, watching their own self interest.

The so-called respects exists is possession-laden,
Else you are worthless, unrepeatable, though scrupulous and virtuous from within.

Just to get their way through, everyone is combative all the time,
And the world is becoming a place where the characterless are Prime.

MS. Priyanka Singh


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