Once upon a time, I met a men, he was full of life and happiness,
At the very first meeting I got enchanted by his behavior!
He was a sweetheart and true gentleman.
He looked at me and I looked at him,
And we smile thoroughly.

He made me feel comfortable and we shipped the cold coffee together.
It was just an illusion of pure serenity, his eyes was constantly following me.
I thought he might have to say something,
But he might be thinking to hear from me anything,
All of sudden I realise we are walking to car,
He held my hand gently, so I don’t get hurt in crowd,
And he sat next in car, I was thinking, what this day hold for me,
We talked and talked endlessly,

All of sudden I realise there is a ring holding on my finger,
I thought that it’s an indecent proposal?
He looked and looked so deep in my eyes,
And again I got enchanted by those big blissful eyes,
Neither had he said anything, nor I!
As the time passes, excitement grows,
Heartbeats can be heard from a mile away,
It felt like we soaked our -self in deep cold water,
I climbed a banyan tree and he followed me like an eager lamb,



Ms. Priyanka Singh founder Taj Agro International a leading Agri company in India

My hair was spreading itself in deep haze that was following us since then,
He couldn’t see the wind freely since his eyes was covered by my hairs,
Then it was the true natural call, like month of June, full of rains…
It started raining so high,
We held our hands and ran like kids,
We covered by ourselves by his jacket,
It was day of unexpected events,

We ran and ran far away,
Till the cliff of an ocean,
Rain has stopped, so we
As there were no place ahead to run,
It was a day away from maddening crowd,

This is how in lap of nature,
He won my heart and my favour,
We let ourselves fly like kites,
And this is how I realise,
Life is full of happy moments,
We laugh and laughed, from where we begin,

Really it was like a day dreaming!
His emotions was strong as he was,
His heart was pure as his eyes was,
It was a calling of true soul mate,


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Holding each other’s hand and walking in rain,
As his kiss was merely a gentle touch,
As it came in such haste,
Hardly had I got any chance to say,

It was moment of passion and cry,
And that’s-why we call it a fine day,
As it was a day I got enchanted by a fine man.
His love remain same as it was then,
This how two soul mates mate!
Finally we call it; “An Enchanted –Date”!

By Ms. Priyanka Singh


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