An young enthusiastic and dynamic woman Ms. Priyanka Singh, is an idealistic woman with her core values intact in place.

Taj Pharmaceuticals has a very humble beginning almost more than a decade ago; where we all wanted to do is to “provide quality and an affordable price tag medicines to poor and needy patients”.


For the same our management has hired best brain from the market holding Indian and foreign degrees and capabilities at par excellence; hence our launch was smoothly done.


However; after an initial period of ups and downs; market expert was questioning our capabilities; “what different” product range you are offering which could suppress the others fellow key players? Although they were very same people who has developed the “Product Portfolio”, Marketing strategy and promotional activities for pan India.


Please mind it; that was the time of huge market players like “Elder Pharma, MNC’s offering lucrative marketing incentives and they were doing really fine for themselves.


Some people suggested; we should do our introspect; if we could really cope up further; or we should say “Stop” Now.

Though, that was quite challenging time for us; where you don’t have an idea how to move forward; our “Khopoli” Manufacturing plant was getting materialised that time in terms of land acquisition, mapping and industrial planning; and parallelly we were working to establish our base in Gujarat Industrial zone, that was our Plan “B” as Gujarat has been always said to be “Pharma” hub of India. Which is true to all to senses; and people in Gujarat really have passion for Pharma and healthcare. Their manufacturing expertise are par excellence and quality failure is a rare scenario their as per FDCA records in recent time.


They have the maximum WHO GMP, USFDA, UKMHRA approvals and in terms research and development Gujarat manufacturing units are far more ahead than other states. She look upto world renowned organisation like Sun Pharma; which is still very much rooted in Gujarat, (Halol) despite of Ranbaxy acquisition and world class presence. “I really like the career chart of Mr. Dilip Sanghvi (Sun Pharma); and his journey and achievements are phenomenal and I really look upto him as an Industry expert and constant source of inspiration. She quoted.

Further: where everyone was running behind establishing “Brands” name market standing;

Ms. Singh chose the way beyond great profit margins and she started “Generics” Medicine exports for Semi regulated and MENA regions from her company as separate channel of income. Our initial focus area were- Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, South east Asia and African regions.

Initially nobody has appreciated that concept; seeing “No brand names” on the boxes and blisters of products rather “IT had universal Generics name embossed” although turnover was met but profit wasn’t much “Ms. Singh Says”; initially senior staff quoted “there in no future in “Generics” and we should focus on our own brand building and put some finance in TV commercials and other means of advertisement for our further expansion and existence.


However; she disagreed and said; “Future belongs to first line Generics medicines” if you wish to make maximum profit in Pharma industry; you are in wrong Profession; it’s rather you sell branded cloths and imported fashion items, which are huge profit making ventures but you shouldn’t see beyond an extend to make profits in noble pharmaceuticals industry.

“I still believe so; and I always ensure that; we quote lowest in terms of State tenders and our bid always circled at bottom line; and hence we have faced contingencies as well; being an honest and hardworking people in the industry.

We are here to do good work; and improve the healthcare system of our country; nowadays our Govt. is running very good programs for “Malnutrition, Jan-Aushdhi” Mohalla Clinics and Govt. owned generics medicine shop; it’s just by technology and more means of healthcare Apps and advertisement we can make people more aware for their health and wellness; specially women sanitation issue.

She is firm believer of “Bhagvat –Geeta” and a lord Krishna devotee; hence her favourite quote is “There are 3 C’s to success-” Concentration, Consistency and Co-operation”!


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