Author: Arun Gulati – Young Entrepreneurs –

Ms. Priyanka Singh, cheap of an old block and generation next entrepreneur in healthcare Industry.


Today; Taj Pharma Group has diversified interest in Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing, healthcare, Agro Business, Chemical, Intermediates and bulk API’s, I.T start-ups according to Ms. Singh.


She is truly dynasty daughter; being holding Rajput cultural and traditional legacy in one hand and coping with Mumbai corporate life on other; however she quotes; our upbringing has been quite humble despite of having a privileged Rajput family background, where our parents has taught us to be grounded and behave with uttermost respect with our workers and staff. Yes, and we do add “Jii” before anyone’s name despite of living in India and abroad isn’t it interesting. She laughs.


Educated in Delhi, Mumbai and abroad where she acquired a Bachelors degree and also pursing master’s currently, and with the hint of an Rajputi Rajbaari  accent, Ms. Singh has spent the past two years tramping through India’s bylanes, and bumping down its upcoming cities like Vijayawada, Ahmedabad, silchar, Hyderabad, Chennai etc; roads to its furthest corners to explore the possibility to Quality Generics medicine supply and foremost to establish a workable distribution network. Which is quite important in India.


Today, the medium height young woman, a dupatta modestly draped over her head, wearing silk salwar Kameez, sunshades in place, she is doing the market research with full enthusiasm in by -lanes of south India; she has visited 10 pharmacies now and directly taking the feedback of whole-sellers, Pharmacy Chain owners, without telling them her real identity; she quotes that, today is a digital world, so you need to be extra cautions in such cities, as every information is just a click away.


It will spoil my actual market survey; as part of my research; I have visited “Sevana” Medicals, it has various pharmacy’s across Kerala, and enjoys good reputation amongst patients and medicine buyers.


I liked their way of working and discounts offers and specially their all pharmacy shops are located nearby hospitals and in high populated areas. I am highly inspired by the way they have covered whole Kerala; and I have spoken with their Pharmacist, staff over the counter, and they did provided me good insight on their working model; highly appreciated and commendable job done by “Sevana” Pharmacy.


I wish them all the luck and my best wishes for all their future endeavor’s!


She says with twinkle in her eyes.


I keep doing such market insight by my feet as I believe in simplicity of life; which gives me great insight of people mind as well as I get to see “Real and interesting” part of India. I am nature loving person, so I like south India and it’s cleanse by-lanes and English speaking people who are always ready to help the tourist at any cost. My experiences are personal and precious and it has taught me a lot about life, people and what Indian patients actually needs. I don’t want to sit in my Mumbai plush office and pass some judgment on our marketing staff and MR’s; rather I am part of their market introspect and feedback.


She says with a shyness on her face and depth in her eyes.




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