In today’s society you often hear women complaining that chivalry is dead.

But the art of being a gentleman is not as simple and well defined as it used to be.

According to Lindeman’s Gentleman’s Collection research, being chivalrous no longer strictly means opening doors, pulling out chairs, helping a woman with her coat and buying flowers for no reason.

These traditional stereotypes are now outdated and chivalry has evolved to reflect modern-day values.

Having good manners, being polite, considerate, making an effort with your partners family and keeping the house clean are the new rules of being a gentleman.

Toowoomba woman Shannen Dimitrios is lucky her husband Azriel is a mixture of old-age and new-age gentlemen.

“Azriel always gets the door and opens the car door for me and pulls my seat out when we go to dinner,” she said.

“When we first started going out, he’d always pay the bill. We do take turns now though.

“He is kind and caring, not just to me, but to everyone around him. He has wonderful manners, he’s never rude or impolite to anyone.”

She said she agreed the chivalry had changed in recent years.

“These days women are a lot more independent and capable of doing things by themselves,” she said.

“Maybe in gaining that independence, men thought they didn’t need to be traditionally chivalrous anymore.

“Social media could play a part in it as well, as people don’t communicate face to face like they used too.

“Chivalry is all about manners, and being polite. Men used to hold the door for ladies, even if they weren’t dating, it was just the polite thing to do.”

Mr Dimitrios said he would like to think chivalry still existed.

“I’d like to say chivalry is still around however I don’t see it too often personally,” she said.

“Modern or otherwise, I think now women have more independence so most men feel they need to treat them equal.

“I don’t find myself being chivalrous on purpose, but it’s something I’ve been taught and I enjoy.

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“Chivalry can be seen as a two way street. There are things I find Shannen does for me every now and then, like buying my favourite fruit or a drink when I come home, just simple things.

“It’s nice to surprise one another like that, to enjoy their excitement.”

Lindeman’s etiquette expert Anna Musson encourages Australian men to take a leaf from traditional etiquette rules of what makes a gentleman but always be open to modifying behaviour’s for new technology and ever-changing modern values.


Source: ( by Meghan Harris)


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