Education system needs to foster entrepreneurship

Employment: For most Bhutanese graduates and jobseekers, becoming an entrepreneur may not be an enticing career to pursue. The concept of entrepreneurship in Bhutan was realised only very recently, failing to attract more takers. While being an entrepreneur has benefits, it also has several challenges. In order to decipher the reason why Bhutanese amidst the […]

A rainy day: a magical moment to recall

  All night the sound had come back again, and again falls this quite, persistent rain. What am I to myself that must be remembered, insisted upon so often? Is it? That never the ease, even the hardness, of rain falling will have for me something other than this, something not so persevering am I […]

Starting up

Ms. Priyanka singh an young dynamic entrepreneur from Mumbai believes that future belongs to first line Generics medicines   Starting up: Ms. Priyanka Singh highlights she has seen the humble beginning of Taj pharmaceuticals being a company started with core value to avail an affordable quality medicine to Indian people; and profit was never our […]